Meet the blogger

Welcome to my book blog!

I want to start thanking everyone who comes in here and reads my posts. This blog is a small project I started recently and it means the world to me that people like you are giving it a look. I would also like to thank my followers and everyone that supports me with my bookstagram. My bookstagram was my inspiration for this, so it is very special to me.

Now! About me…My name is Nadia, I live in Guatemala, and I’m 25 years old. I have a BA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in English Literature. My hobbies include photography and watching series. I’m also very interested in mythology and I’m on the way of becoming a self-made mythologist.

I published my first novel, Shades of Blue, in 2020. You can find it on amazon with the link in my bio! I read mostly contemporary YA Fiction, as well as Fantasy books. You will also find sprinkled here and there my passion towards Mythology.

So that’s it, I suppose…I hope you like my blog! and I hope we get to know each other 🙂