June Reading Playlist

I love making playlists. My Spotify has almost a 100 different playlists, all with various themes and moods. I am constantly listening to music. Really, there’s barely a moment of my day when I’m not listening to something. I listen while I’m working, or washing the dishes. I even have playlists that help me fall asleep!

So of course I’ll have playlists for reading.

As a reader, I can read almost anywhere. I think I’m lucky that way, because I don’t get distracted by what’s going on around me. I can read in the car or in crowded places, which comes in handy when I can’t stop reading a really good book and I’m out and about running errands.

I’ve decided to share with you the songs I’ve been listening to lately while I read. Actually…I’ll share with you two playlists. The first one is songs that have accompanied me during my last reads. They don’t have any specific meaning in the lyrics, they’re just songs I like and get me in the mood to read.

There’s some songs that are more calm and relaxing, while others are a bit more upbeat. I don’t listen to them in any particular order, I’m always listening to music on shuffle.

The other playlist has lofi music.

I only started listening to lofi recently when my brother introduced it to me. I fell in love instantly!

Lofi music helps me concentrate while I’m working and writing. Some days, I need songs with no lyrics, or at least very minimal lyrics, while I’m reading. I have this ritual in which I light up some scented candles, play some lofi, and read all afternoon. It is relaxing and it helps me settle down my mind after a hectic day.

So here are the lofi songs I listen to!

Did you like the playlists? Tell me what kind of music you listen to while reading!

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