Book Review: It Devours!

It Devours! by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor

Book Rating: 4/5

Thank you Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor!

It Devours! comes from the podcast Welcome To Night Vale. I have been listening to the podcast for a few years now and I absolutely love it. It is so bizarre and out there, it’s crazy how it all works! It all goes around this little town in the middle of the desert called Night Vale. It is a very curious town, for many strange things happen there. There are angels and hooded figures and houses that do not exist. The podcast is very peculiar, and so was this book!

The book of It Devours! Goes around two characters: Nilanjana, who is a scientist, and Darryl, who is devoted to the religion of the Smiling God. Many people have gone missing and places around tow have been devoured completely. Nilanjana decides to investigate what is happening, and her investigations lead her to Darryl’s church.

It is very intriguing and exciting. The relationship between Darryl and Nilanjana is new and very curious, for they are very different from each other. Plus, Nigh Vale is a very strange world, so I didn’t really know what was going to happen next in the book. It kept me on my toes and I was excited to turn the page, because one didn’t know how the events were going to turn out.

Overall, it was a very thrilling and amazing experience to read It Devours! It certainly kept the charms of the podcast and showed the creativity of the authors that I love so much.


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