Top 5 Book Ships

Hello everyone!

So I’ve been working a lot in the contents for my blog. So far I’ve only published book reviews and I wanted to do something else. Like, I will keep posting book reviews, but I wanna write about more stuff to make my blog more dynamic and fluid.

So I started checking the tags I’ve done in my bookstagram (@bookmarked12) and decided to do my Top 5 Book Ships!

So…here they go!

5) Tonks and Remus

Okay, I needed to include something from Harry Potter here. While there are a lot of couples I really like in the books, the relationship between Tonks and Remus has always been special to me.

The whole struggle they had at the beginning of the relationship had my heart aching. But J.K. Rowling managed to talk about themes that are not often talked about. The age gap between Tonks and Remus is a huge problem from them at first. And I had never believed the whole ‘age is just a number’ thing until Tonks and Remus. They just work together and age really shouldn’t matter when other things are more important. Also, the importance of self-confidence and self-love is mayor in this relationship (especially coming from Lupin!).

4) Adam Parish and Ronan Lynch

OKAY! Pynch is like so perfect. I remember reading The Raven Cycle and just shipping them from the very first book. It was a struggle seeing them not together for such a long time!

I think the reasons why I love Pynch so much is because how different they are from each other. They are like…on different edges and one would think that they could never work together, yet they do! Both, Adam and Ronan, have to deal with their own issues before thinking about a relationship. Adam with his family struggle and his financial situation and Ronan having his own family struggle and coming to terms with his own person. The journey these two characters go through and that makes them grow as individuals so they can later grow as a couple is just beautiful.

3) Wylan Van Eck and Jesper Fahey

Love me some Wesper PLEASE!!

Wylan is just a cinnamon bun that needs to be protected and Jesper just needs some love. These two characters touched my heart so deeply I cannot have enough of them.

These two are an example of how one can grow as a person with the help of others. Wylan and Jesper live rough lives. What with being criminals and stuff…but seriously, their lives are so messed up it hurts me. Wylan’s relationship with his father is just messed up and it had a HUGE effect in who he is. Jesper’s addiction is just as important and helps us understand his character much more.

While these two are not together for most of the Six of Crows duology, they grow very close. Each of them grows and learned to defeat their inner demons with the support of one another before they were an item. If that does not says goals, I don’t know what will.

2) Will Solace and Nico di Angelo

Solangelo is, hands down, pure perfection.

Nico himself is like one of my favorite characters of all times. I always felt a sort of connection with him. I guess I identified a bit with his coping mechanisms when facing something we have tried to deny for a long time. Also, Nico is like the coolest characters of all times. He’s so brave and strong and badass, but at the same time he’s all soft and huggable buried under a ton of fury.

Seeing him interacting with Will was just too precious. And here comes my love towards Will Solace. He is basically this ball of sunlight. He’s also a healer, which just helps with the analogy of Will being there to help heal Nico’s internal struggle and bring some sunlight to his darkness. I just think that’s like goals in life.

1) Alexander Lightwood and Magnus Bane

Okay….anyone who knows me probably guessed this one. Malec is like the OTP of OTPs. They are EVERYTHING to me and their relationship has taught me so much. The two of them have a special spot in my heart.

But the reasons why I love their relationship so much is because of how much it has grown throughout the books. It’s like…You can actually see them growing together from the moment they meet. They learn from each other and learn about themselves and from that start building something that is strong and beautiful. And even though they had their struggles and some very dark times, they managed to get past that and keep growing.

I just think their relationship is so beautiful and I want what they have in my life.

Bonus one: Cath Avery and Levi Stewart

I was not planning on adding this one to my list, but as I was writing this I thought about them and I needed to include them somehow. I’ll be quick with this one.

Fangirl is like my favorite book. It just speaks to me all the time and I love it with every piece of my heart. So of course Cath and Levi are relationship goals. I mean, Levi is just too precious and his acceptance towards Cath is just too beautiful. With Cath having all these issues and struggles and being so anxious about her life, having Levi as her calming force and support system is just amazing.

Okay…those are my top 5 plus one Book Ships! 😀

I wanted to give a brief description of them and why they are important to me without giving much spoilers in case somebody has not read the books I mentioned.

Let me know your own top 5 Book Ships!


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  1. I read Malec and Solangelo and I squealed and agreed.


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