Book Review: Words in Deep Blue

Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley

Book Rating: 5/5

 I first noticed this book because the title was very similar to a story I am writing (I got upset!). And then I fell in love with the cover and when I read it was a love story happening in a bookshop, I bought it.

Reading it….it was a whole other story. I don’t believe this is the best book I’ve read, because it really isn’t anything too brilliant. But it caught me. It is funny and entertaining and it talks about books! But it also talks about so much more.

People seem to think that this book is about books and a bookshop and perfect for a bibliophile…but I don’t think it is about that. At least, it is not just about that.

I think this book is about loss. And not just because of what happened to Rachel’s brother. But it is about all the different kinds of losses. In death, broken dreams, lost friends, failed relationships…it’s about all of this. And this book not only talks about loss, it shows a reality to how people deal with it. And sometimes, it is not the best way. Sometimes people change and are not able to go back to what they were before. Sometimes people keep coming back to a place where they no longer have anything.

I really liked this book. It gave me a bittersweet taste, but I still liked it. It was filled with different stories from different people that you could only get glimpses of, but still understood enough to feel them.

 Oh. And I loved the idea of a Letter Library.


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  1. I hadn’t heard of this book before, but I really like this review. I think I’ll look into it now.

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